Cheat game Wild Ones (Game Facebook)

Here is a tutorial for 99x ammo cheat in the game Wild Ones Facebook:
1. Open the application from the Wild Ones facebook profile (click here).
2. Open the cheat engine version 6.1 ( Click here to Download Pass:Here )
3. Open the process list in the top left of cheat engine (computer picture icon)
4. Select the appropriate browser used (for mozilla firefox new-user, select the plugin container)
5. Back to the wild ones and select practice mode for later in his address in the cheat search engines.

6. While in the game instead of the weapons used by another weapon (for example, grenade)
7. Look at the number of weapons, and then go back to cheat engine and scan with 4byte type.
(example: the number of grenade 50, scan 50 on cheat engine)
8. Repeat the above steps until the remaining 1 address
9. Double click on the address they will be for her to enter the cheat table.
10. Right-click the add address-me page, and select find out what accesses this address.

cheat wild ones]
11. Kemudian tembakan lagi senjata agan sampai menemukan seperti ini :
cheat wild ones
12. Lalu pilih address sesuai pada gambar , kemudian klik show disassambler.
13. Pilih address yg paling atas
cheat wild ones
14. Tekan tombol ctrl+A untuk membuka tab auto assamble
15. Kemudian klik template lalu pilih code injection
cheat wild ones
16. Scroll ke bwah sampai menemukan script berikut
cheat wild ones
17. Ubah menjadi seperti ini
cheat wild ones
18. Kemudian klik execute lalu klik ok
19. Lihat hasil nya :
cheat wild ones
cheat wild ones
jumlah asli senjata agan bakalan tetep berkurang, jadi klo mau make cheat ini gunain senjata agan yg benar2 sudah habis..
untuk memakai nya agan bisa menggunakan hotkey (arah kan mouse ke senjata yg mau di jadikan hotkey, lalu tahan tombol shift + )

kalau gambar kurang besar, klik pada gambar untuk memperbesar
sumber : http://utekubuntu.net/cheat-wild-ones-facebook-game-update-15-januari-2011/
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